Gratitude is a delightful transformation that opens all our energy systems, allows positive energy to come into them and allows healing and blessings to occur. Whenever I feel lack of peace of mind, or feeling like that the infinite source of divine flow of abundance and prosperity is not flowing to me, I check in with myself to see if I am in gratitude. By getting in the habit of being grateful, especially if I am struggling and experiencing depression, revitalizes and invigorates me. It is even more important to do so if it is a challenging time and it is hard for me to notice my blessings.

When we are grateful for our struggles, they become our invincible unique strength.

We hear and see so much on the Internet and from friends, healers and teachers about being grateful. It is the buzzword and the catch phrase these days. But what exactly does it mean to be in gratitude? I have learned that being in gratitude is stopping in a moment, taking in a deep breath and giving thanks to something in my life that I have, that I am blessed and grateful for. I know that for some people, it can be hard to see the good in life when it is not going well for them. Believe me, however, that to be grateful for the most basic thing even if all we can muster is being alive will do wonders for us.

I have learned to be aware and take notice of so many things of beauty around me: like someoneís smile, a bird, a tree, the sky, etc. To be able to access the Internet in some way, our cell phone, I give thanks for them. There are many who donít have that luxury because of extreme poverty or they live in country that does not have it nor allow it. Let us give thanks for those blessings.

Happiness is not about getting what we want all the time. It is about loving what we have and being grateful for it.

By reminding myself every day to go into a moment of gratitude, changes my attitude towards life. It allows me to shift my perspective for one thing. It boosts my vibratory level, creates this divine transformation in all my energy systems and opens up to Godís unlimited source of love and blessings and allows them to move into me.

By going into gratitude, we allow its access to infuse everything we are. We allow the source of all good things to send more good things into us and our life. I think of it like a flower opening up to the sun and that sun is Godís unlimited source. It is opening up for energy of that sun to infuse to it with what it needs to grow. It takes in what it needs to become healthy and vibrant and reach a new level of its being. Let us go into gratitude and we will shift our perspective and bring more blessings into our lives. Let us bring to mind something in our life that we are blessed and grateful to have and say a silent prayer or word of thanks to God for this blessing; breathe in that moment of gratitude into our heart and just allow ourselves to rest in it for a moment. Our hearts and minds will open to receive Godís blessings by giving thanks. All healing and abundance come from a place of gratitude. When we walk in grace, peace and fulfillment will be on our path.

 By Tim Pedrosa

Happiness comes a lot easier when we stop complaining about our problem and start being grateful for all the problems we do not have.