Sometimes going through a life crisis is a positive thing. Many of us have gone or are going through what can expediently be defined as a life crisis. The word carries a lot of negative connotations of course since it is associated with very difficult life passages often brought about by circumstances beyond our volition or control, such as: loss of loved ones, difficult family problems, financial loss or a health related issue. Sometimes crises are also brought about by drastic turning points in our life where we feel that we are losing solid reference points such as identity or purpose of life.

I have learned, however, that there is positive and constructive side of crisis which very often, we overlooked. When we go through a crisis, we are not experiencing a fault which needs to be fixed but rather living through an opportunity to restructure ourselves and come out as stronger individuals more adapted to life’s currents and problems.

A crisis very often shatters our reality. It can be so disruptive that the whole reality seems to come crumbling down. In many ways this can be a really positive thing. In our lifetime we build all sorts of beliefs, attachments and ideas which are sometimes misleading. Some of them grow stronger as they get reinforced by decisions we take and experiences we make. These fabricated realities or illusions can be so deeply ingrained that they can only take a system shock or crisis to pierce through them. In fact, crisis makes us feel bare and naked. Stripped away from our constructed illusions, we come to realize how deeply we were attached to something inauthentic and unreal.

I have also learned that whenever we go through a crisis, it changes our perspective on life. We question those things and beliefs that we once held sacred or inviolable. With this fundamental change in values and perspective, we are given the opportunity to discover new meanings and signs around us that symbolize these new meanings. We change our language of life which can make us fluent and conversant to experiences we never brought to our attention before. Of course change is the obvious positive overtone of a crisis. A crisis can rock us hard to the core. But although its passage can be dark and painful it can resurrect us to new beginnings, the most positive and transformative change. 

Yes, in our darkest hour we face our biggest demons which ultimately translate to our deepest fears. Fears can persecute us throughout our whole life but without critical life passages such as crises, we would have no opportunities to come face to face with them and this is where the biggest chance of overcoming fears lies.

By breaking illusions and overcoming fears we are going through a complete system reboot. Crisis in fact can be a very thorough cleansing process. Of course it feels nothing like that when we are going through it, but once the storm passes by, we are left with new eyes and most of all a stinger heart. Sometimes a crisis can be considered a second death or a death of the ego and with death comes rebirth.

The real challenge of a crisis is letting go and trusting. It is counterintuitive to let go and trust in the moment when we feel most battered or betrayed by life, hence the challenge. Yet, it is the greatest and most rewarding benefit of any crisis. The harder we resist, the more difficult the passage will be. It is a little bit like when we are floating at sea and waves come at us. If we struggle hard, our muscles stiffen, we lose a lot of energy and breath and we might eventually risk going under. By letting go and relaxing it is easier to stay afloat.

By Tim Pedrosa

Your life is not mean to be lived in constant sorrow. Don't give up on your hopes and dreams for tomorrow. Every one has sadness and struggles with hardship and pain. We grow in wisdom and strength as we fight to maintain. Smile and recognize your courage, strength and talents, you have what it takes to meet every single life challenge.