Sometimes what seems to be a bitter trial or disappointment is often a blessing in disguise. We learn in life that every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit; that out of difficulties grow miracles. So whenever something goes wrong, we should try to maintain a positive attitude and focus on what we might gain from the situation.

Every now and then God has to break us to make us. It's just a bend, it's not the end. We are all like glow sticks, no matter how much we are bent and broken, our light still shines.  Now and then we pass through many ups and downs but they are there to make us stronger than we imagine.  Hurt is the necessary ingredient that helps our heart know what is perfect for it.

Sometimes the hardest decision to make is the one that is best for us. But in the end we have to trust our heart to do what is right.  Occasionally the blessings are not in what God gives; but in what He takes away! If something bad happens, something good will come of it.

I always believe that if we lose something or someone, God is creating a space to replace it with something better. Disappointments are just God's way of saying: "I've got something better. Be patient, live life, have faith."

Like many people, I have lost something very dear to me but when I look back now, I can proclaim with gratitude that it has been replaced by something better. In the same manner, people come and go in our lives. Some people come as blessings, others come as lessons.

I have learned that sometimes God gives us the wrong people before giving us the right ones, so that when the right ones come, we know how to appreciate the gift. At times what we ask is not always what we get, but in the end what we get is so much better than what we asked for.

There was a beautiful story that tells us that there is always a reason for everything under the sun.

Years ago in Scotland, the Clark family had a dream. Clark and his wife worked and saved, making plans for their nine children and themselves to travel the United States. It had taken years, but they had finally saved enough money and had gotten passports and reservations for the whole family on a new liner to the United States.

The entire family was filled with anticipation and excitement about their new life. However, seven days before their departure, the youngest son was bitten by a dog. The doctor sewed up the boy but hung a yellow sheet on the Clarks' front door. Because of the possibility of rabies, they were being quarantined for fourteen days.

The family's dreams were dashed. They would not be able to make the trip to America as they had planned. The father, filled with disappointment and anger, stomped to the dock to watch the ship leave without the Clark family. The father shed tears of disappointment and cursed both his son and God for their misfortune.

Five days later, the tragic news spread throughout Scotland - the mighty Tittanic had sunk. The unsinkable ship had sunk, taking hundreds of lives with it. The Clark family was to have been on that ship, but because the son had been bitten by a dog, they were left behind in Scotland.

When Mr. Clark heard the news, he hugged his son and thanked him for saving the family. He thanked God for saving their lives and turning what he had felt was a tragedy into a blessing.

If our wish does not come true, something better is meant for us. Although we may not always understand, all things happen for a reason.

By Tim Pedrosa

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Sometimes happiness is like a missing sock. You know it will turn up eventually, but it will probably be in the strangest place. Embrace the unexpected. The things we never saw coming often take us to the places we never imagined we could go.