Many of us cannot help thinking of our past. Everything in our lives was going well; we had a great job, a good income, functioning family, time to enjoy things and life in general. Life was satisfying and happy. Then, out of the blue, our relationships hit hardship, someone close to us has passed away, or we entered retirement and suddenly feel emptiness. The happiness we felt might suddenly turn into sadness, frustration, and anger. This narrative is not remote to anyone who has had a personal crisis of any kind. So how do we bring happiness back to our life? How do we get out of the darkness that prevails in our world and return the light that was there before? Here are some beautiful thoughts from what I have learned and some point of views inspired by the writings of an unknown writer.

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace and happiness.

Throughout my journey we call life, I have struggled the hard way to bring happiness to my life after my father died when I was six years old. Even at an early age I refused to stay down and continued searching and doing something that’s meaningful to me. I did not wait for opportunities to come on their own, but rather initiated them myself and kept learning by all means possible. I always try to live life to the fullest and grateful all the time. Later I had the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with others that might touch their lives too. My website, is the product of this endeavor. The number of hits to this website shows the number of people visiting it. A weekly local paper also publishes inspiring article from this website every week.

It is in trying to develop a comforting approach to our difficulties that the meaning comes to our lives only when we change our perspectives on the difficulties we face. We develop the understanding that they can strengthen us and improve our lives and not necessarily just bring us down. I have learned that we should explore our options and develop a clear understanding of what we want to achieve; that the most important and significant thing we can do to restore happiness to our life is to gradually and efficiently reduce the number of insignificant decisions that we need to make each day.

Being able to learn how to remain true to oneself is one of the key points of restoring happiness to life. We may be vulnerable for criticism from others but we should brush this off and continue focusing to our objective with faith, hope and confidence; believing that when we stick to what is good, what is true, what is honest and what is real at any cost, we will always prevail at the end.

When you don't let things bother you, and don't get drawn into battles that don't matter, that's when you will be happy. - Joel Osteeen

Human curiosity has almost no limit, and in each and every one of us lies its seeds. Satisfying our curiosity being captivated by a thriller like constantly checking our emails and Facebook causes the release of the hormone in our brain, which causes vitality and elation. Let us try to pay attention to the small details in our daily life that we had not noticed before. Let us allow new things to happen, and resist the desire to control it; allow our attention to be guided by sights, sounds and smells that appeal and delight us.

I have proven correct to myself, time after time, that the happiest people are those who have a positive influence on others. No man or woman is an island. To exist just for ourselves is meaningless. We can achieve the most satisfaction when we feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than ourselves. Let us learn from others what can make us happy.

Getting into our daily routine is one of the most common causes of dissatisfaction. We are a bit bored, but at the same time, we hesitate to experience something new. Leaving our comfort zone can eventually turn out to be the most appropriate step to lead our life to a much more satisfying place. Generating new hobby/interest and the joy of travel and discovery are good reasons to break out our comfort zone. So it is important that we make ourselves busy and take occasional trips to bring back happiness to our life.

By Tim Pedrosa

Happiness is a choice, not a result, nothing will make us happy until we choose to be happy. No person will make us happy unless we decide to be happy. Our happiness will not come to us, it can only come from us.