We are unique. Our experiences and choices have shaped us into who we are today, and no one else has been through the exact same experiences. Despite that, there are certain universal truths about life that we can ignore. Let us learn some of them from the following narrative inspired by the article published by www.ba-bamail.com 

Let us be patient when we are going through hardships. Growth is almost always accompanied by pain and one day that pain we are experiencing will show its meaning. We will have the powwer to succeed in the long run when we use lifeís bricks to lay the foundation for growth. Let us not be afraid to break from time to time, nor to fall apart, because those moments are the ones that will also present us with the best opportunities to grow and rebuild ourselves.

No one can tell us who we are and what we are capable of. Only we know our own capability. Others may know what they can and cannot accomplish, but they cannot apply the same standards to us. If we remember and maintain this attitude, we just might surprise ourselves.

It is only when we truly know someone that we can begin to feel that personís energy, recognize his/her scent and can appreciate that personís wit. True beauty is internal . We see that personís essence and not the envelope it resides in. This is why we cannot fully love someone based solely on appearance. We may feel desire, or be charmed by a person, but we can only truly love once we get to know that person.

At every stage in our life, we will be presented with new lessons, and will have something new to learn. Every bad experience can teach us how to avoid it in the future, or cope with it if need be. Every good experience can teach us how to preserve it and extend it. As long as we follow our heart and never stop learning lifeís lessons, we will never become truly old, but evolve and grow.

Our happiness is a direct result of the love we give the world. When we love, we aspire to be a better person. When we become a better person, everything around us becomes better than how it was in our youth. Love is our teacher. As adults, love is the foundation we must live by. In our old age, love is our sweetest memory. Love creates our happiness.

We cannot demand respect, nor convince someone to respect us by saying what they want to hear. The respect we give is the respect we get.  Respect is earned by listening to others, acknowledging their feelings and respecting them as we would like them to respect us. Let us be kind and respect everyone, even those who donít respect us back, not because they deserve it, but because we do.

Let us not allow negativity and unwanted dramas lead us astray from our path of becoming a better person. Negativity is poison for the soul. Life is too short and our time is too precious to be wasted on trivial matters. When we decide to put our life on track again, the answers to our questions will present themselves on their own.

The way we treat our body will directly affect the quality of our life. Our health is our life. Let us exercise to be in shape, not to lose weight; eat well to nourish our body, not because we will be thinner; go for a jog, a swim, a bike ride etc. Our body will thank us. A healthy body is an energetic body, and an energetic body is an energized mind.

We will never get what we need if we stay attached to things we ought to let go of. Letting go is part of moving on. If we want to take our lifeís proper course, we need to learn to let go.

Our whole life has led us to this very moment, right now. When we thing about it, everything we have been through and experienced, every challenge we have overcome, every fall we have stood up from, all of them have led  us to this moment in time. This moment is priceless, so let us not lose it.

Every day, we are presented with choices. Our choices shape our life. We can appreciate what we have, choose to give ourselves time, choose to do something that will make us smile, choose to be excited, choose to laugh, choose to spend time with people who make us feel good, choose to pursue our goals, and more. Let us make a choice every morning what our day will be like. This choice is the toolbox that will help us live the life of our dreams. Let us remember to choose.

By Tim Pedrosa

Your life is not mean to be lived in constant sorrow. Don't give up on your hopes and dreams for tomorrow. Every one has sadness and struggles with hardship and pain. We grow in wisdom and strength as we fight to maintain. Smile and recognize your courage, strength and talents, you have what it takes to meet every single life challenge.