Many of us are habitual complainers, whiners or grouchy, complaining about almost everything. We often look to the future and to something we do not have, to find happiness; we always dream up the changes we wish to see in our life even sometimes they are unrealistic, impractical or unreasonable.

Cease to inquire what the future has in store, and take as a gift whatever the day brings forth-Horace

When we constantly think about the things we want and what we need, believing as if they are the only influence on our happiness, we will never be satisfied. If we are sensible, we will come to realize that the secret of happiness is to accept and be grateful for whatever and whomever we have at the moment. 

I have learned that appreciation and gratitude help us see the positive traits that lead us to our happiness and fulfillment. If we trade our expectations for appreciation, our whole world will change for the better.

If we think we have nothing to be grateful for, let us check our pulse, our heart beat, how our body works, etc. Being grateful is an excellent way of making life enjoyable. When life is sweet, let us give thanks and celebrate; when life is bitter, give thanks as well and grow.

Start each day with a grateful heart.

I have also learned that when we look around us and appreciate what are available to us, our anxiety and dissatisfaction could be overshadowed by faith, hope and confidence. I have learned to expect nothing and appreciate everything; that before someone’s tomorrow has been taken away, I try to cherish and appreciate more those I love. Let us learn to value what we have before it is too late, before time makes us appreciate what we had.

We are strong and resilient when we know our weaknesses; we are beautiful when we know our flaws; we are wise when we learn from our mistakes. The earlier we learn that we should focus on what we have, and not obsess about what we do not have, the happier we will be.

I do believe that gratitude is one of the best tools to remind us of what are really important in life; that it is essential to connect us to other people through expressing our appreciation. I have seen better days, but I also have seen worse. I have more aches and pains as I grow older, but I wake up every day for a new day! My life may not be perfect, but I thank God for the opportunities to improve it from extreme poverty and hardship to a happy and comfortable life and I am very grateful.

By Tim Pedrosa


Happiness comes when we stop wailing about the troubles we have, and offer thanks for all the troubles we don't have. He who is not grateful for the good things he has would not be happy with what he wishes he had.