We judge a person by his actions not only by his words, for words can be twisted into any shape. Promises can be made to calm the heart and seduce the soul. In the final analysis, words could mean nothing.

Words could just be labels we give things in an effort to wrap our puny little brains around their underlying natures, when the reality could be entirely different from what we want to convey. We are judged primarily by our actions.

We can speak with spiritual eloquence, pray in public, and maintain a holy appearance, but it is our behavior that reveals our true character. Let us make our actions speak when we communicate our feelings and intentions. By doing so, we could ensure the effectiveness of our message that it is delivered and served as a gauge against our verbal nonsense.

Actions, not words, are the ultimate results of leadership. In the following narrative, a great man altered his negative habit before giving a positive advice.

There once was a boy who loved eating sweets. He always asked for sweets from his father. His father was a poor man. He could not always afford sweets for his son. But the little boy did not understand this, and demanded sweets all the time..

The boy's father thought hard about how to stop the child for asking so many sweets. There was a very holy man living nearby at that time. The boy's father had an idea. He decided to take the boy to the great man who might be able to persuade the child to stop asking for sweets all the time.

The boy and his father went along to the great man. The father said to him, "O great saint, could you ask my son to stop asking for sweets which I cannot afford?"  The man was in difficulty, because he liked sweets himself. How could he ask the boy to give us asking for sweets.? The holy man told the father to bring his son back after one month.

When the actions becomes frequent than the words, success becomes heavier than the dreams. Do more, say less.― Israelmore Ayivor

During that month, the holy man gave up eating sweets, and when the boy and his father returned after a month, the holy man said to the boy, "My dear child, will you stop asking for sweets, which your father cannot afford to give you?"

From then on, the boy stopped asking for sweets. The boy's father asked the saint, "Why did you not ask my son to give up asking for sweets when we came to you a month ago?" The saint replied, "How could I ask a boy to give up sweets when I loved sweets myself. In the last month I gave up eating sweets."

A person's example is much more powerful that just his words. When we ask someone to do something, we must also do it ourselves. We should not ask others to do what we could not do. Our actions must sustain our words.

As individuals, we will be judged in our lives by the totality of our actions. And I think that's how we get judged by others and that's how we get judged by the good Lord.

By Tim Pedrosa

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It has been noted that actions speak louder than words; in fact, I have found that during many situations of life, words are just noise and actions are the only things that speak. - Steve Maraboli