We are the grandeur of our life. We just have to let our beautiful qualities become dominant and fill our thoughts. Here are some beautiful thoughts about the way we should think, inspired by the writings of Catherine B. Roy.

ďIf a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.Ē ó Buddha

Once we realize how outstanding each of us by being just a unique individual, is when true change can begin within us. The change is to reflect all goodness into our lives. However, first we need to be aware of our outlook, attitude, belief and conviction because our outlook can determine our future.

I have learned that the words that we speak are manifestation of our thoughts and our thoughts can create the world around us. Words that we reserve within our thoughts can create us.

Oftentimes, we donít think about what we think about. It is important to sometimes stop and wonder what we are thinking about. If itís nice, continue to think about that. If itís not, stop.

What we give, we shall  get.
What we sow, we shall  reap.
What we think, we become.

We can control our thoughts by simply focusing on our desires, not on the barriers to those desires. Focusing to our desires allows us to control the flow and content of our thoughts and prevent us from creating bad emotions. We need good emotions to lead. Good emotions lead to satisfaction and satisfaction lead to happiness and success.

For instance we can focus on the beautiful characteristics of people who are around us and stop complaining about their characteristics that donít suit us.

Yes, we are the wonder of our lives but we need to let our beautiful qualities become foremost  to fill our thoughts. Words define our outlook and our attitude. Our belief and conviction define our life.

Encouraging, optimistic and constructive words awake positive side of our thoughts and soul and light up our day. We must learn to balance our thoughts with our feelings, and our feelings with the words we speak. We need to remember that words are things which have impact upon others and that we need to want to always have a positive impact on them. Let us remember that if we donít have something to say thatís nice, better donít say anything at all.

So let us start this moment and tell ourselves to stop thinking about bad things and events, and find something good in every situation; and remember that we receive what we share; we procure what we sow; we become what we think; and that we are magnificent, the entire universe is in our heart and we hold the key of life creation in our mind. We can be the creator of our own life. There has never been a better time and greater opportunity than right now to become a creative force in this world and achieve true success and happiness in our lives.

  By Tim Pedrosa

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Once we replace negative thoughts with positive ones, we'll start having positive results. Life is one big road with lots of signs. Let us change our thoughts and we change our world.