Let us not regret growing old, it is privilege denied to many. As we get older, we understand more and more that it's not about what we look like, nor what we own; it is all about the person we have become. The great difficulty in life is first to win a reputation; then to keep it while we live; and then preserve it after we die. When everything is over, nothing but sterling excellence can preserve our name. Let us never embrace anything to be an excuse for inadequacy, nor an excuse for indolence but strive for excellence. Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional.

There is no point fighting the ageing process nor worrying about it. We are all getting older, whether we like it or not and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it, so why care?

To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent that is to triumph over old age.~Thomas B. Aldrich

As we age, we soften and mellow in transition, if we are lucky. We will learn that there are plenty of things to be anti about: anti-discrimination, anti-drug, anti-oppression, ant-poverty and anti-sickness. Aging is not one of them. We need to become pro-aging and embrace the opportunities that aging provides. Age is a question of mind over matter. If we don't mind, it doesn't matter. That is why age is not particularly an interesting subject to some of us because anyone can get old, all we have to do is live long enough.

Maturity has more to do with what types of experiences youíve had, and what youíve learned from them, and less to do with how many birthdays youíve celebrated.~Author Unknown

I have also learned that age brings greater knowledge experiences. These are the life lessons we have learned as we get older. For instance, we have learned that a problem is just an opportunity to learn; that itís not what we have in life that counts, itís whom we have; that life is a gift; that we should make peace with the past to protect the present; that a smile can change the world in small but significant way; that whenever we decide something with an open heart, we usually turn out to be right, just to mention a few.

I have also learned the hard way that worrying is futile. Most of the things we worry about never happen and most of the others donít matter anyway; that itís better to try and fail, than to never know and always wonder. So let us enjoy life and take care of ourselves, the only place we have to live.

By Tim Pedrosa


Age should not have its face lifted, but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etchings of experience and the firm line of character.