LET US BE FEARLESS, LET US SHAKE UP OUR NORMAL ROUTINE AND DO SOMETHING DARING. Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged to put us to the place we are meant to be. Living our best life does not always mean traveling a linear path. Sometimes we need to shake thing up along the way, throw the plan out the window and go in search of what truly makes us happy. Let us find our fit to discover a sense of purpose and chase down the dreams that mean the most to us. It is about passion. It is about truth and and most of all, it is about listening to our gut, our feeling or reaction based on an instinctive emotional response rather than considered thought.

If we lack inspiration, shifting our scenery sometimes works. Changing our scenery does not

II have learned that what I like most about change is that it is a synomym for hope. If we are taking a risk, what we are really saying is that: we believe in tmorrow and we will be part of it.ds.

  have to mean traveling halfway around the world. It could also be as simple as changing where we live, taking a new route to work, or exploring a part of town we donít usually go to. Inspiration will hit when we break up our routine.

I have learned that what could move us could be as simple as being around animals, or growing plants, or as big as helping children in need. What we do in our free time is what we could do regularly. Our hobbies can tell us a lot about what really makes us happy. I have learned to stay flexible as we discover what we want from life. Our plan may change; it is important that we change with it.

Somtimes things need shaking up. We got to test the limit. Sometimes a break  from our routine is the very thing we need.
So when opportunity knocks, let us hurry up to answer the door. No one is going to hand us our dream like a gift, all wrapped up in a bow. Rarely is it that easy. Whether we are shifting gears to go after something new or persistently chasing down what we have always dreamed of, it is going to take grit, grind and a decent amount of hard work. So let us be determined and patient all the time.

When we are stuck in a rut, it often feels like we need a big change like: a new job, a dream vaction, or a wildly different way healthier lifestyle. The problem with big changes in life is that they are usually terrifying, challenging, expensive and difficult. So we end up just sitting there in our boring rut, dreaming of a major life overhaul but actually managing to change nothing. Experts are pretty clear to give our big dreams, at least initially and start with small changes instead and wam up to a new life with lots of little actions that expand our horizons, increase our energy, spur our creativity, and provide valuable feedback about what habits and paths will actually work for us. Above all let us be patient and focused to our goal.

By Tim Pedrosa

Let us take control of what we can control. Incredible change happens in our life when we decide to take control of what we do have power over instead of craving control over what we do not have. If we are bored, or in a rut or frustrated with the rat race, adding an entirely new activity can change our outlook, our routine and even our set of friends.