Part 2
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(The) 100/0 Principle

2nd Ten Commandment

(The) 3 Tree

(The) 5th Commandment

45 Lessons Life Taught Me

(The) 57 Cents Story

7 Family Habits

90%10% Principle

Acceptance and Commitment

Acceptance, the Key to Happiness

Achieving Our Goals

Across the Miles  

Adieu Not Goodbye  


After Effect of Betrayal
Aging Gracefully and Happily
Alexander the Great Three Last Wishes

All We Ever Did

Alzheimer and True Love

Always be Yourself

Always Remember

Amazing Grace Story

(The) Amazing Patrick Hughes Story

American Boy and Filipina Girl Shoebox Story

Analyzing Betrayal

And Jesus Said

Anger Management

Anger in the Shoebox

Anne Murray, Her Success & Regrets

Another Woman

(The) Answer to Every Question

Answered Prayer

Antidote to Worry

Appreciate the Good 

Are You Happy?

Are You Strong Enough to be Meek?

Argument Against Arguments

(The) Art of Being Positive

(The) Art of Being Well

Art of Letting Go

(The) Art of Self-Mastery

As Long As ...

At the Top

Atheist Professor

Attaining Peace of Mind

Attitude Determines Attitude

Attitude is Everything

Attitude Makes a Difference

(The) Awakening

Awareness of What We Think and Feel

Awesome and Orderly God

Bad Name; Bad by Nature?

Balance Sheet of Life

(The) Bane Effect of Greed 

Be a Maximizer

Be a Sample Not a Sermon

Be a Swimmer

Be Grateful, Contented and Happy

Be Kind, Be Part of the Solution

Be Your Best

Beauty, The Light of the Heart

(A) Beautiful Flower

(A) Beautiful Life

Beautiful Flower in a Broken Pot

Beautiful Way of Explaining Death

(The) Beauty of Mathematics

Because Daddy is Driving

Becoming as Little Children

Becoming the Real You

Becoming What We Want to be!|

Before They Call, I will Answer

Beggar Heard Pope's Confession

(The) Beggar's Rags

Beginning Today

Behind Other People's Opinion

Behind the Scene Kindness

Being Prepared

Believe in Miracles

Bend in the Road

(The) Best is Yet to Come

Best Kind of Love!

Best Sermons Good Short Stories

(The) Best Time of My Life

Beyond the Black Dot

(The) Bible and the Coal Basket

(The) Bible on One Page

(The) Biblical Bell 

(The) Bird Cage

(The) Bird Feeder

(The) Biggest Source of Motivation

Birthday, A Gift of life

(The) Blessing of Friendship

(A) Blessing from a Homeless

(A) Blessing in Disguise

 Blessing of the Thorns

(The) Blind Boy Sign

Blue Rose

Book of Life

(A) Boy and the Starfish

(A) Boy's Prayer Before Meal

(The) Boy at the Track

(The) Bragging Effect

Breaking Self-Inflicted Suffering Cycle

Bridge of Love

Bringing Back Happiness

Buried Hurts

(The) Burning Hut

Butterflies and Daughters

(The) Butterfly and the Flower

Butterfly Cocoon

(The) Butterfly Effect
By Sharing, We Learn More

Called by the Poor

Can I Buy Your Time

Can Sleep While the Wind Blows

Captain McDanial

Career or Family?


Carpenter's House

Carry on

Case is Dismissed

Celebrating Who We Are and What We Have

Challenges, Our Portals to Discovery

Change, a Natural Part of Life

Changing and Building Habits

(The) Changing Times   

Chase the Lion

Checking on Friends 

Checkup with Jesus 

Cherish the Little Things.

Cherished Affection  

Children Learn What They Live

Choices to a Happier Life

(The) Choices We Make

Choose to Forgive

Choose Your Attitude

Choosing to be Happy

Christian Ways of Reducing Stress


(A) Christmas Angel Story

Clay Balls

Closed Doors

Code to Live By

Collage of Life

(The) Colors of Friendship

Come Out and Meet the People

Come, Walk with Me!

Coming Into Who You Are

Commandments for Those Over 40 Years Old

(The) Company We Keep

Comparing Ourselves

Compassion Produces Compassion

Consider Misfortune as Opportunity


Correcting Without Being Critical

Count Your Marbles

(A) Couple's Heartbreak

Courtesy Reaps Love and Friendship

(The) Cow and Pig Story

(The) Cracked Pot

Creating Gratitude

Creating Opportunities

Creed to Live By

Criticism and Gossip

Cupcake and Root Beer

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