Part 2
Articles by Ascending...cont'd.        


Daddy's Hands

Daffodil Principle

Dancing with God

(The) Danger of Boredom

(The) Danger of Gossip

Dare to be Different

Dare to Dream     

Darell Scott Testimony 

Daring to Live on the Edge

(The) Daughter of a Soldier

(The) Day I Met Daniel

Dealing Well with Others

Dealing with Burning Desire

Dealing with Mother-in-Law

Dealing with Stroke

Deck of Cards

Defying and Confronting Challenges 

Defying the Impossible  


(The) Dew Drop

Difference Between Strength and Courage  

Differences Between Winners and Losers  

(A) Different Approach to Fasting

Different Kind of Love Story

Dirt Roads

Discover the Blessings in Hard Times

Discover What Perseverance Can Do

(A) Disguised Gift

Disturbing Effects of Gossip and Rumor

Divine Connection

Divorce Settlement

(The) Divine Pedagogy

Do Grown Ups Remember How to Really Live?

Do It While You Can

Do You Know Where You're Going?

Doctor's Advice

(The) Dog, Nubs and the Army Major

(The) Dog Called Faith

(A) Dog's Purpose (By a six-year-old)

Dog's Unwavering Loyalty

Doing Well by Doing Good  

(The) Doll and the Rose  

Don't Act Like an Elephant

Don't Break the Elastic

Don't Cry for Me

Don't Give Up Start Over

Don't Grow Old

Don't Hope, Decide

Don't Look Back

Don't Wait!

Don't We All?

Don't Worry!

Don't You Quit!

Door is Always Open for Happiness

(A) Dose of Laughter

Drawing Power from God's Promises

(The) Dress

(A) Drive Through God?

Drop a Pebble

(The) Duck and the Devil


(An) Eagle Kiss

(An) Earless Son

Earthquake Survival Tips

Echo and the Golden Rule   

Effective Listening  

Effective Ways of Loving People

Eight Lies of a Mother 

(The) Elephant Rope

(The) Endless Hope

Embrace Imperfection

Embracing the Mystery  

(The) Emperor and the Seed

Enemies of Success

Enjoying the Golden Years

Envy as Inspiration

(The) Essence of Growth is Change

Essential Reminders in Life

Even Swallows have Feelings

Everything is Beautiful

(The) Evil of Envy

(The) Evil of Gambling

(The) Evil You Do Remains with You; the Good .. . ..

Excellent Advice

Excuse Me, are You Jesus?

Expect Less, Appreciate More

Ezequiel_Villalobos Dossier

Failure, a Key to Success

Failure Does Not Mean Defeat


Faith Builds Upon Faith

Faith Can Move Mountains

Faith, Hope, Love

(The) Falling Leaves

Farewell Letter From A Genius

Farmer's Donkey

(The) Father's Eyes

(The) Fear of Failure

Female Friends Heal 

(The) Fern and the Bamboo  

Final Analysis (Anyway)

Find Ways to be Thankful

Finding My Father

Finding & Keeping a Life Partner

(The) Five Secrets We Must Discover Before We Die

Focus on Life

Focus on the Lesson

Follow Your Dream

Footprints in the Sand

For All Mothers  

For This One Hour

Forgive and Let Go!

Forgiveness is Divine

Forgiveness is the Answer

Forgiveness Takes Faith

Forgiving Makes Life Fairer

Forgiving Without Forgetting

Four Seasons of Life

Foward, Always Forward

Four Wives

Fra. Giovanni's Letter to His Countess Friend

Friend of Silence

Friends and Friendship

(The) Fruit of Kindness

Fruits of the Spirit

(The) Fullness of Life

Gabriel Marquez's Words of Wisdom

Generous Giving

Get a Life

Getting Ahead Without Getting Behind

Getting Old

Getting Older, the Inevitable

(A) Gift from a Devil

Gifts of Friendship

(The) Gifts of Tears

Gifts That Don't Cost a Cent

(The) Girl and the Golden House

(The) Girl with the Apple

Give God Time

Give Willingly Out of Love

(The) Glasses


God Always Answers Prayer

God and Pain

(The) God Factor

God in My Little Billy

God is Always in Control

God is Good

God Lives Under the Bed

God Works in Mysterious Ways

God Would Provide

(A) God-Centered Life

God's Boxes

God's Cake

God's Financial Plan

God's Plan for Aging

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Going the Extra Mile

(The) Golden and Ivory Tablecloth

Good Karma

(A) Good Samaritan at the Airport

(The) Goodness File

Goodness is Contagious


Grandma's Hands

Grateful Whale   

Gratitude Lightens Our Load 

A) Great Dog Story

Great Love Never Dies

Greatest Test of True Love

Greatness is Within Us

Greed Analysis 

(A) Greedy is Always in Want 

Growing Good Corn  

Growing Up or Growing Old  

Gun Prey

(A) Happier Home

Happiness is a Voyage

Happiness from Loving and Sharing

Happiness Roadblocks

Happiness Under Our Nose

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Little Train

Harmonious Relationship

Hatred in the Heart

Have You Sharpened Your Axe?

He Can

He Dies Slowly

He Gives What We Need

He Paid the Price  

He Qualifies the Called  

Healthy Pain

(The) Heart of a Mother

Heart of Your Soul

(The) Heart That Matters

Help for the Humble

Help from Prison

(A) Helping Hand

Here I Grow Again

Hold on My Friend

Hold on to Your Dreams

Holy Alphabet

(The) Homeless and the CEO

Honor Thy Father and Mother  

(The) Horse that Wanted More Beauty

Hospital Window

House of Prayer

How Long Do We have to Worry?

How to be Happy

How to Catch Wild Pigs

How to Cope When God Seems Absent

How to Dance in the Rain

How to Deal with Disappointment

How to Deal with Negative People

How to Grow Spiritually

How to Handle Criticism

 Hudson Plane Crash Love Story


(The) Humbler, the Greater

(The) Humility Effect

Humility, Foundation of all Virtues

Hypocrisy is not the Answer

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