Part 2
Articles by Ascending...cont'd.        


I Believe

I Believe......That

I Can Only Guide You

I  Choose
I Did Not Appreciate

I  Love Rubber Bands

I Wish You Enough

I'm Flying!

I'm Just a Mother

Ideal Christian Leadership

If a Dog Were Your Teacher

If and When

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If You Want to Ride in My Car

If We Believe

Imagine Life as a Game

(The) Importance and Value of Time

(The) Importance of Attitude

(The) Importance of Hope and Faith

(The) Importance of Prayer

(The) Importance of Self-Discipline

(The) Importance of Self-Knowledge

(The) Importance of Words

In His Time

In the Valley of Life

(The) Incredible Armless Woman

(An) Incredible Love Story 

Initiative Propels us to Success 

Inner Peace is a Choice

Interview with Rick Warren   

(The) Inverse Power of Praise   

Irish Prayer

(The) Irony of Our Time

It Depends Whose Hands

It is in Sharing that We Receive

It is No Secret Story

It is the Attitude  

It is Up to You

It Only Takes a Moment

 It's Now or Never

I've Learned

Japanese Boy Teaches Lesson in Sacrifice

Jealousy and Friendship

Jesus' Blood on Trial

Journey to the Hospice

Judging Book by Its Cover

Judging Others Quickly

Just Do It

Just Do the Best You Can

Just One More Day, Santa  

Just Passing Through

Just Plain Grateful

Justifying Ourselves

Keep on Dreaming

Keep the Roots Stronger

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keeping the Faith

(A) Keeper

Keys to a Richer and Fuller Life

Kind Words

Kindness a Stranger Can Give

Kindness is an Attitude

King Arthur & the Witch

Kisses in Gold-Wrapped Box


Language of the Heart

Last Email 150 NM Above the Earth

Lateral Thinking

Laughs of Faith

Laus Deo!

Law of the Seed

Learn to Live

Learn to Write in the Sand (Sand & Stone)

Lesson from a Bank Passbook

 (A) Lesson from a Tale of Two Seas

 (A) Lesson from Buzzard, Bat and Bumblebee

(A) Lesson from Cow and Pig

Lessons from Dandelion

(A) Lesson from Geese

Lessons from Noah's Ark

Lessons from the Robin

(A) Lesson from the Oyster

(A) Lesson in Patience & Perseverance

Let Go Our Ego

Let It Go

Let Peace & Love Reign

Let's be Judged by Our Actions

Let us Make Our Dreams Happen

Letter From an 83-Year-Old

Letter to My Grandchildren  

Letting Go the Pretense 

Liberal vs. Conservative

Life is Creation of the Mind

Life's Journey

Life's Ups and Downs

Life, a Work in Progress

Life and the Mountain

Life Begins When You Do

Life has an Expiration Date

Life Is

Life is How You Make It!

Life is Like a Flower Garden

Life is Meant to be Lived

Life is Not Only About Me

 Life,  Like a Ring Binder

Life Must be Understood

 Life Stages

Life That's True

(A) Life That Matters

Life Without Regrets

Like the Set of the Sail

List of Life

Listen for Love

Little Things

Little Things in Life

Live Life

Live Purposely Inspiring Others

Living with Less and Enjoying Them

Look to Your Heart

Looking Back with Gratitude or Regret

Looking for Diamonds

Lord is My Shepherd

 (The) Loser Who Never Gave Up

Lost and Found Dog

Love & Humility

Love as Defined by St. Paul

Love Begets Love

Love in the Home

Love is Everything

Love is Never Silent

Love is Our Destiny

Love or Guilt?

Love vs. Obligation

Loving a Perfect Stranger

Loving Effect of Kindness

Loving Presentation

Magic of Love

(The) Magical Mustard Seed

(A) Make Believe Astrologer

Make a  Difference one at Time

Make A Difference in This World

Making Pancakes

Making Sandcastles

Making the Most of Every Moment

Man Buried with His Money 

Man of Faith and Priorities 

Managing Change 

Managing Our Ego 

Managing Our Thoughts


(The) Master

 Mastering Oneself

May We Find God Again 

(A) Meaningful Life

(The) Measure of Greatness

Medical Breakthrough   

Memo from God

Message from Pope Francis

(The) Message on the Penny   

(The) Messiah in Disguised  

Milk of Human Kindness

Miner Miracle  

Minister Joe Wright Prayer   

Miracle of a Brother's Song

Mistake, Our Best Teacher

Moments of Reason

(The) Money Factor

Money, Last Power at Old Age

Mother's Journey

Motivating our Desire to Succeed

(The) Mountain  

(The) Mousetrap Moral Story

(A) Moving Reminder

My Daily Wishes

My Gift to You, from Jesus

My Mother's Hands

My Quilt

Nails in the Fence

(The) Need to Forgive

 Negative or Positive  

Never Enough  

Never Let Obstacles Stop You

Never Stop Looking Forward

New Beginning

Never Give Up

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries 

 No Exceptions, Faith in the Answer 

No Limits

No Money, No Talk

 No Need to Worry

No Regrets

Not What You Want But What God Wills

Nudging the World's Scale

Nuggets of Gold-Beautiful Words of Wisdom

One Flaw in Women

(A) One of a Kind Politician

One Trait Could Make Us Happiier

One Solitary Life

One Thing I Know for Certain

Only Jesus

Open Yourself to Others

(The) Opportunities Around Us

Opportunities in the Middle of Difficulty

 Optimism,  a Stepping Stone to Success

Organize Your Time

(The) Other Side

Our Dash

Our Journey We Call Life

Our Life is Like a Pencil

Our Priorities in Life

Our Real Moral Struggle  

 Our Thoughts and Our Future

Our Time to Go

Our Train of Life Journey

Our Turn to Love

Our Willingness

Overcoming Extreme Adversity

Overcoming Greed

(The) Oyster and the Pearl

(A) Painful Approach to Reality

Palm Sunday, The Victory of Humility

(A) Parable of Pencil and Eraser

Parable of Talents

(A) Parent's Wish

Passing Love and Happiness Around

(The) Path We Choose

Patience in Prayer

Paul Harvey Story

Peace that is Meant to be
(San) Pedro Calunsod

(The) People Around Us

People Come to Your Life for a Reason

((The) Perseverance Effects

Persistence, the Key to Success

(A) Perspective About Old Barns

(A) Personal Journey grom Adversity to Renewal 


Pet Therapy for a Father

Philippine Christmas in the Good Old Days

(A) Place to Stand  

(A) Poet Describes Human Nature

Positive Outlook

Positive Effect of Crisis

Positive Effect of Gratitude

Potter's Wheel

Power of Acceptance

(The) Power of Being Positive

(The) Power of Gratitude

(The) Power of Hospitality

Power of Love and Forgiveness

 (The) Power of Money

(The) Power of Persuasion

(The) Power of the Tongue

(The) Power of Words

Practice What You Preach

Practicing Gratitude

Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH)

Prayer for a Nation

 (A) Prayer of Hope, Faith and Courage

(The) Precious Gift


(A) Present

(The) Pretty One  

(The) Pretty Woman and the Monks  

(The) Price of Being Ungrateful

(The) Price of Boredom

(The) Price of Egotism

Price of Redemption  

Priceless Things in Life

Priorities of Life as We Age

(A) Privilege Denied to Many

Promise Yourself

Prop Us Up, Lord!

Puppies for Sale

Purpose of Life

Pursuit of Happiness

Qualities of Good Leader

(A) Quiet & Humble American Hero  


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