Part 2
Articles by Ascending...cont'd.        


Rainbows from Rain

Reach Out

(The) Real Courage

Real Friends

Real Love

Real Meaning of Peace  

Real Treasures in Life

Real Winner

(The) Real Wonders of the World

Reality about Failure

Recipe for Failure & Success

(A) Recital for Mother

Recognizing Our Blessings  

 Recognizing Our Mortality

Red Marbles

Red Rose for Mother

Refiner and Purifier of Silver


Reflection of What We Believe

 Reflection on Life

Regaining Our Joy

Rejection as Redirection

Religion is not Important

Remember When

Renewing Our Mind

Rescuing Hug  

Resentment Could Fuel Success 

Resentment Divides People 

Restlessness Paves the Way 

Revenge is not the Answer

(The) Rib

Riches of the Heart

(The) Richest People of the World

Rid Yourself of Worry

Right Balance of Love and Discipline

 Right Time is Right Now!

(The) Right to Live

Rise Above the Storm and Live

Rise Up Over Depression

Road of Life

(The) Room


 Running Through the Rain

Sail on!

(The) San Antonio River Walk   

(The) San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila

 (The) Sandpiper

Saved by a Goldfish Bowl

Saved by Act Kindness

Saving His Son's Friend  

(The) Scars of Life

(The) Scholar's Four Questions

Secret of Contentment

Secret of Happiness

(The) Secret Santa   

See It Through

(The) Seed Planted by Mother

(The) Seesaw Principle

Self Confidence

Self-Discipline & Self-Control

Self Doubt

Self Respect

Selfishness Effect

Set Yourself Free

(The) Shackle and Chains of Vanity 

 She Smells God

Ship Wrecked

 (The) Silent Sermon

(The) Simple Life
Similarities Between Gossip and Rumor

Simplifying Your Life

(The) Singer

She Smells God

Slow Down

Sneeze Did It  

Soaring Like a Kite  

Someone is Watching Over You

Someone Will ....


Something Special for Granny


Soulful Relationship

Space of Thankfulness

(The) Sparrow at Starbucks

Special Occasion

(A) Spoiled Gift

Stars in Today's World

Start with Yourself

Staying Faithful

Steadfast Heart

Stop Waiting. Make Things Happen

(The) Storm

Storm of Life

(The) Story Behind the Praying Hands

Soaring Like a Kite

(The) Story of an Ant

Story of Life

(The) Story of Stone Soup

(The) Strangest Secret

Strength from Weaknes

Strength of a Man

Strengthen Your Life

(The) Stress Factor

Stress Management

   (A) Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone


Success and Happiness

Success is Closer than You Think

(A) Successful Life

Successful Relationship

Super Hero

Take Chances and Grow

Take My Hand

Tackling Our Negative Thoughts

(The) Taste of Life

(The) Teacher

Teachers Can Learn as Well

Tears of a Woman

Testimony of a Grateful Son  

Thank You for Your Time

Thank You Lord!

Thanks be to God

That's God

There's a Reason

There is a Reason for Everything

They're Singing Your Song

Things are not Always What They Seem

Things That Could Make Us Happier

Three Stories of My Life   

Three Things 

Three-Word Phrases

Through the Years

Throwing Darts at People

Tillman Dash

Time to Believe

(A) Timely Divorce Letter

To Dream, to Act, to Succeed

To Know Life is to Live Life

To See Beyond

To Understand Being Misunderstood


Tommy Found God 

(The) Tone of the Voice

Tragedy & Triumph of the Cross

Train of Life

(The) Train Ride

Treasure Every Moment!

Trials, Part of a Divine Plan

(A) Trip Down the Memory Lane

(The) Triple-Filter Test

(The) Trouble Tree

True Happiness (Beatitudes)

Truths Many Do Not Want to Admit

Try Him Once More

(The) Twelve Gifts Of Birth

Twenty Dollars  

Two Choices

Two Days We Should Not Worry

Two Horses/Good Friends

(The) Two Sides of Life

Two Tenors

Two Ways of Seeing

Typewriter Art

Unanswered Letters to Inmates

Unconditional Acceptance

Understanding Our Differences

Understanding Pain and Suffering

Unemployed Graduate

Ungrateful People

Ups of Life

Until We Meet Again

(The) US Marine and the Spider Web

U-Turn Your Life

(The) Value of Life

Value What You Have!

(A) Very Special Life

(A) Very Special Meal

Victory, the Child of Preparation

Views on Aging by George Carlin

(The) Violinist

Walk a Mile in His Shoes

(The) Wallet

(The) War of the Worlds

Warren Buffet Inspiration

Watch Your Words

Ways Life Gets Better as We Get Older

Ways to a Humbler You

We are All the Same but Different

 We are Like Pencils

We are One of a  Kind

We are One Under God

We are People of Illusions

We are Shaped by Our Thoughts

We are the Decent People

We are What We Think

We Can be Successful

We can Learn from Pencil and Eraser

Can Rely on Jesus

We Come and Leave Empty

We Do Choose

We Have the Choice

We Hold Our Destiny

We Learn from Experience

We Must Believe

We Need Someone to Share

We'll See

We are All the Same But Different

What Christmas is All About

What Do We Value Most

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Happens Within Us

What is a Father?

What is Maturity?

What is it to Die?

What is Success?

What is there for Me?

What is Truth?

What Life is All About  

What Makes a Great Partner

What Matters at the End

What Teachers Make

What the World Needs Today

What's in Your Sponge?

What's It All About?

When 24 Hours are Not Enough

When Life Gets Hard

When We ....

When Your Sails No Longer have Wind

Where Do We Find God?

Who Made It?

Who Packed Your Parachute?

Who Will Take the Son?

Who You are Makes a Difference

Who's Your Daddy?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why God Made Friends

Why God Came as a Man

Why Me Lord?

Why Meditate?

Why We Need Friendship

Will You Ever Wonder

Will You be There Tomorrow

(The) Window

(The) Wings of Burden

(The) Winter of My Life

(The) Wisdom and Legacy of a Father

(The) Wisdom in Hot Chocolate

(The) Wisdom in Silence

(The) Wisdom of a Village Idiot

(The) Wisdom of Cause and Effect

(The) Wolf Within

(The) Woman in the Glass

Womb to Eternity


Wonderful Life

(A) Wonderful Story About Love

(The) Word

Words are Windows to the Heart

Words Can Heal  & Words Can Harm!

Words of Great Wisdom

(The) World is Your Mirror

You and Yourself

You are Blessed

You are Unique

You Can, if You Think You Can

You Should Know

(The) Young Merman

Your Inner Voice  


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