Clouds do not stand still.
Trees bloom, then shed their leaves.
Tides come to shore, then retreat.
Night follows day which in turn follows night.
Life is a constant cycle,
Ever changing, yet never changing
And we are a part of it all.

  We will be here for a time,
but only until our time is done.
We have only just so much time
to make our mark,
So that we are worth remembering.
We should realize that we
are as important as the clouds, the tides
and the seasons.
We have our place and must play our part
as best we can in life's ever-unfolding story.

  Let me age Lord, gracefully.
In love and strength and dignity.
Let me grow in wisdom each day.
And be a blessing in some little way.

By Valerie Bauer Rousseau


 On the road to life there are many paths... some twist, some turn, some dip, some curve. As long as you keep your focus, your destination is obtainable.---Brenda Good
Look at everything as if you were seeing it either for the first or the last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.