God wants us to forgive. It is something that we can do. Sometimes it is hard to forgive someone because we naturally want revenge for the things we have suffered.

Forgiveness seems to go against what we think is right and fair. So we hold onto our anger, punishing people over and over again in our mind for the pain they've caused.

Here are some reasons why forgiveness is necessary: 

Forgetting is not forgiving. People who want to forget what was done to them will find that they cannot do it. The thoughts and hurts keep coming back. The healing cannot begin until we forgive.

Forgiveness is choice, a decision of our will. God tells us never to take our own revenge (Romans 12:19). Let's trust that God will deal with that person justly and fairly.

We should forgive others so that we can be set free. Forgiveness is mainly a matter of obedience to God. He wants us to be free. 

Forgiveness is agreeing to live with the consequences of another personís sin.  We are going to have to live with those consequences, whether we like it or not. Our choice is whether we will do so in the bondage of bitterness or in the freedom of forgiveness. We may wonder where the justice is in it. Justice is found at the cross, which makes forgiveness legally and morally right.

Letís not wait for the other person to ask for forgiveness. Jesus did not wait for those who were crucifying Him to apologize before He forgave them. "Father, forgive them,"  He prayed, "for they do not know what they are doing" (Luke 23:34).

Letís forgive from the heart. Too often we're afraid of the pain, so we bury our emotions deep down inside us. Let God bring them to the surface so He can begin to heal those damaged emotions.

Letís not wait until we feel like forgiving because we will never get there. We should make the hard choice to forgive even if we don't feel like it. Once we choose to forgive, Satan will have lost his power over us in that area, and God's healing touch will be free to move.

Forgiveness is choosing not to hold someoneís sin against him/her. Let us let go of the past. Let's refuse to bring up old issues with the person who has wronged us or with others who will listen. Let us reject any thought of revenge.

Forgiving oneís enemies does not mean to be fainthearted, but to have a strong soul.

Letís say this prayer:  Lord, I choose to forgive (name that person) for (what he/she did) even though it made me feel (share the painful feeling). Lord, I choose not to hold any of these things against (name) any longer. I thank You for setting me free from the bondage of my bitterness toward (name). I now ask You to bless (name). In Jesus' name, I pray.

By Tim Pedrosa


To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you. There is no human being who does not deserve your forgiveness. There is no human being who does not deserve your love...