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The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.  These people  have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.-Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.-Johann Wolfgan Von Goethe


Hatred in the Heart    
Goodness is Contagious Keep the Roots Stronger Courtesy Reaps Love and Friendship
Tackling Our Negative Thoughts Creating Gratitude Bringing Back Happiness
Man Buried with His Money  (The) Art of Self-Mastery Our Thoughts and Our Future
Rejection as Redirection Justifying Ourselves Positive Effect of Crisis
(The) Seesaw Principle We can Learn from Pencil & Eraser Ideal Christian Leadership
(San) Pedro Calunsod (The) San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila (The) Cow and Pig Story
Pope Francis Message Best Sermons Good Short Stories Priorities of Life as We Age
Blue Rose

By Sharing, We Learn More

Managing Our Thoughts
(A) One of a Kind Politician (The) Falling Leaves Reflection of What We Believe
(The) Real Wonders of the World Living with Less and Enjoying Them Expect Less, Appreciate More
Hypocrisy is not the Answer Defying and Confronting Challenges How to be Happy
Beauty, The Light of the Heart (The) Need to Forgive (The) Path We Choose
(The) Value of Life Judging Others Quickly (A) Painful Approach to Reality
Watch Your Words (The) Perseverance Effects

(The) Choices We Make

(The) Humility Effect God's Plan for Aging Selfishness Effect
Love is Our Destiny Creating Opportunities Revenge is not the Answer
Acceptance, the Key to Happiness (The) Essence of Growth is Change  Mastering Oneself
Happiness Under Our Nose

Mistake, Our Best Teacher

Life Must be Understood
Never Stop Looking Forward Stop Waiting. Make Things Happen (The) Price of Being Ungrateful
It's Now or Never (The) Evil of Gambling Effective Listening
Take Chances and Grow Recognizing Our Blessings  (The) Fear of Failure

Optimism, a Stepping Stone to Success

(A) Greedy is Always in Want Consider Misfortune As Opportunity
Failure, a Key to Success (A) Privilege Denied to Many (The) Price of Boredom
(A) Privilege Denied to Many Door is Always Open for Happiness Practicing Gratitude
We Hold Our Destiny Greatness is Within Us Motivating Our Desire to Succeed
Qualities of Good Leader We are Shaped by Our Thoughts (The) Importance of Self-Knowledge
(The) Danger of Gossip Challenges, Our Portals to Discovery Understanding Pain and Suffering
Victory, the Child of Preparation (A) Meaningful Life Recognizing Our Mortality 

Let us Make Our Dreams Happen

(The) Importance of Prayer (The) Importance of Attitude
(The) Importance of Hope and Faith (The) Importance of Words (The) Importance of Self-Discipline

Enjoying the Golden Years

Anger in the Shoe Box

(A) Timely Divorce Letter

(A) Parable of Pencil and Eraser Behind the Scene Kindness (A) Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone

What Do We Value Most

Passing Love and Happiness Around

Celebrating Who We Are

To Understand Being Misunderstood

Lesson from the Oyster

Keys to a Richer and Fuller Life

The Importance & Value of Time

Clay Balls

Bad Name, Bad by Nature?

No Money, No Talk It is in Sharing that We Receive Things are not What They Seem
How to Deal with Disappointment An Eagle Kiss A Gift from a Devil
Analyzing Betrayal

After Effects of Betrayal

Forgiveness is the Answer

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Resentment Could Fuel Success

Divorce Settlement

The Heart of a Mother

My Mother's Hands

Alzheimer and True Love

God  in My Little Billy

The Tragedy & Triumph of the Cross

God Works in Many Mysterious Ways

Going the Extra Mile

A Great Dog Story

The Wisdom of Silence

We are People of Illusions

We Come and Leave Empty

Awesome and Orderly God

Something Special for Granny

Great Love Never Dies

The Greatest Test of True Love

The Answer to Every Question The Danger of Boredom Disturbing Effects of Gossip & Rumor

Understanding Our Differences

The Wisdom of Village Idiot

Two Ways of Seeing Things

Why God Came as Man

Kisses in Gold-Wrapped Box

Life is Like a Flower Garden

What is it to Die?

Life Without Regrets

Forgiving Without Forgetting

My Mother's Hands

Compassion Produces Compassion

Restlessness Paves the Way

The Girl & the Golden House

Generous Giving

Attitude Makes a Difference

Let Go Our Ego

The Bane Effect of Greed

The Fullness of Life

Unanswered Letters to Inmates The Blessing Called Friendship Loving Effect of Kindness

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