When praying, we must be patient and trust God for what we need.  Even though our prayers may be clumsy, uncoordinated or awkward, they do make a difference because the power of prayer is in the One who hears them. God fully understands. Let's learn from the following important praying principles (excerpt) from 'Meditation Moments' by Virginia Brandt Berg .

If you have a problem, a great need in your life, maybe your problem is, you had done all the talking, but hadn't done any listening to God!

Stop talking and listen for a while! Listen to God's Word! Be still and let Him speak to you. When you get quiet and wait on Him, there will come a prompting from Him in a still small voice. Someone has also called it "A Divine Ought ness," that is, an impression that you ought to do a certain thing. Heíll answer.

Some people think that effective praying means to keep on seeking and keep on knocking, to keep on talking and talking and asking God with a multitude of words, and an insistence in talking it out with Him!  

This kind of prayer doesnít show your trust and faith that Heíll answer. On the contrary, it shows your unbelief and lack of faith that He has heard you and the answer is on its way. 

When you pray you donít need to keep on asking, with so much talking and insistence on expressing yourself in words, but you need to keep on believing and keep on expecting and waiting! Waiting for God to respond!  

The answer is there, God will answer! Prayer in its highest meaning is not pleading with God or demanding things, but it is communion with Him, throwing your whole being open heavenward, God-ward, and waiting for the divine response.

Some beautiful words from Martha Snell-Nicholson:

Sometimes I do not even pray in words.
I take my heart in my two hands,
And hold it up before the Lord.
I'm so glad He understands.
Sometimes I do not even pray in words.
My spirit bows before His feet,
And with His hand upon my head,
We just hold communion, silent, sweet.
Sometimes I do not pray in words,
For I am tired and long for rest.
And my heart finds all it needs,
Just resting on the Savior's gentle breast.

If you have prayed and had no answer yet, and it seems as if the Heavens have been deaf to your pleading cries, remember, that no earnest sincere prayer to the heavenly Father has ever gone unanswered or been unnoticed. God is working out His answers in His time. He has strange ways of touching our lives and strengthening our faith. Give God Time!

By Tim Pedrosa


I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord,' plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11