He dies slowly…
Who does not travel,
Who does not read,
Who does not listen to music,
Who does not enjoy himself.

He Dies slowly..

Who destroys his self-esteem,
Who refuses the help of others.
He dies slowly..
Who becomes a slave of habit,
repeating the same trajectory every single day,
Who will not change brands,
and dare not change the color of his clothing,
Who will not converse with whom he does not know.

He dies slowly…
Who is afraid of passion and the whirlwind of emotion,
the kind that will return light to the eyes
and restore a broken heart.

He dies slowly...
Who does not change course when he is unhappy
at work, or in his love-life,
Who will not take risks to pursue a dream,
Who will not, even once, take a chance...

 Take a chance, live, do it today!
Don’t let yourself die slowly.
Don’t keep yourself from being happy.

He has achieved success who has lived long,
laughed often, loved much.
 If you want to have a life full of excitement,
joy and real purpose, ask Jesus
to be your companion on the journey ahead.

By Pablo Neruda


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We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life. -James Van Praagh