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Across the Miles  
Alzheimer and True Love

(The) Answer to Every Question

Before They Call, I will Answer

Beggar Heard Pope's Confession

Best Kind of Love!
Bridge of Love
Cherished Affection  
(A) Christmas Angel Story
Compassion Produces Compassion
Courtesy Reaps Love and Friendship
(The) Danger of Boredom
(The) Daughter of a Soldier
Different Kind of Love Story
Do It While You Can

(The) Dog Called Faith

(The) Dog, Nubs and the Army Major

(A) Dog's Purpose(By a six-year-old)

Dog's Unwavering Loyalty

Doll and Rose  
(The) Dress
(An) Eagle Kiss

(An) Earless Son

Effective Ways of Loving People

Even Swallows have Feelings

Everything is Beautiful
Farewell Letter from a Genius
(The) Girl with the Apple
(The) Golden and Ivory Tablecloth

(A) Great Dog Story

Great Love Never Dies
Greatest Test of True Love
(The) Heart That Matters

 Hudson Plane Crash Love Story

I Wish You Enough
If Tomorrow Never Comes

(An) Incredible Love Story 

Kisses in Gold-Wrapped Box
Language of the Heart
Last Email 150 NM Above the Earth

Lesson from a Bank Passbook

(A) Lesson from Geese
Listen for Love
Love and Humility
Love as Defined by St. Paul
Love in the Home
Love is Everything
Love is Never Silent
Love is Our Destiny
Love or Guilt?
Love vs. Obligation

Loving a Perfect Stranger

Loving Effect of Kindness

Loving Presentation
Magic of Love 
(The) Messiah in Disguised   
Miracle of a Brother's Song
My Gift to You, from Jesus
One Thing I Know for Certain
Our Real Moral Struggle  

Our Turn to Love

Passing Love and Happiness Around
Power of Love and Forgiveness
(The) Precious Gift
Real Love

Red Rose for Mother

Remember When  
Rescuing Hug  
Riches of the Heart
(The) Sandpiper
Saving His Son's Friend

Something Special for My Granny

(A) Spoiled Gift
Steadfast Heart

(The) Story Behind the Praying Hands

(The) Teacher  
Tears of a Woman
Through the Years
Two Ways of Seeing

Unanswered Letters to Inmates

Until We Meet Again

(The) Wallet

What Christmas is All About  

Why God Came as a Man
(A) Wonderful Story About Love
(The) Word