Here's a new, easy, better and no mouth-to-mouth CPR  method. It'seasy to learn and easy to do:

This is an interesting video.  American Red Cross CPR method keeps on changing and as research comes out with better things, ARC changes how they teach it. It will be interesting to see what they teach next year.

We have known for years that most people who have been trained in CPR choose not to get involved for a variety of reasons. One of them is the idea of a lip-lock on a dead person they don't know. This new method removes that fear at least.

A couple of things to consider, if you have never done CPR, be prepared for the biggest workout of your life. It is a lot of work to give 100 compressions every minute.

When you start, you are in charge until someone more experienced arrives and relieves you. Act like you are in charge. Order someone to call 911. Not some vague plea to the crowd. Point at someone who looks like they have a brain and say in a cop voice "Call 911 now!" Doing CPR is worthless if help never arrives so getting the ambulance rolling is critical.

You are going to get tired unless you are an extremely athletic and you are pushing on a little old ladies chest. Don't be afraid to ask someone to give you a breather.

Take a CPR class, it can save someone's life and might be the most valuable thing you will ever do in your life.


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