Itís not enough just to live. We must determine to live for something. It maybe creating joy for others, working for the betterment of society, sharing what we have, bringing hope to the lost, or giving love and care to the lonely. Let us be kind to one another for everyone is fighting some kind of battle in life.

We need people and we need friends. We all need love, for a full life does not depend on material things alone, not on success nor worldly fame but in knowing that someone cares. Here are some beautiful words of wisdom from the article, Caring by Ron Dultz. Visit Ron's inspiring collection of poetry, essay, etc at:

Success that is hoarded is the most pathetic form of failure.

Caring means generously sharing your assets, benefits and advantages with others.

Caring means acknowledging those persons who are deserving, and appreciating those persons whose efforts are sincere.

Caring means insisting upon being a force for good and for change even when it is easier and more comfortable to remain uninvolved.

Caring means being perceptive enough to notice when people are in need of assistance, even though the evidence is subtle and it is not advertised.

Caring means being concerned enough to offer needed help even when it has not been solicited and you might be inconvenienced by doing so.

Caring means being committed enough to stay the course if you see you are doing some good, and being human enough not to obligate those you are helping, regardless of the amount of your assistance.

Caring means being wise enough to step aside when you can see your assistance is no longer needed.

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I shall pass through this world but once.  Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now...for I shall not pass this way again.-- St. Francis of Assisi