By Tim Pedrosa

When we feel a genuine passion toward something, it enables us to effortlessly think the thoughts that lead us to accomplish the desired outcomes. Consequently, it stirs the very important emotions that literally attract success to us. We begin to create a powerful and unstoppable creative force that allows us to create pathways to fulfillment, enrichment, and gratification in our lives.

When you find a dream inside your heart, don't ever let it go for dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow.

Passion allows us to experience a life uncommon to many of us. So many these days fail to fulfill their deepest desires because they have been taught by the established beliefs that those things that they most desire and would like to see manifest in their lives are just "wishful thinking"  or "far-fetched" unrealistic dreams.

My mother planted the seed of faith and passion after my father died when I was six years old. "You deserve to be what you want to be as long as you have faith and fear of the Lord," she told us, her children. She always reminded us that the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord; that when we stick to what is good, what is true, what is honest and what is real, we will always prevail at the end.

Identify and act on your passion and the pathway will open for you to experience a life of fullness and unlimited blessings.-Chuck Danes

I learned from her that destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice; that it is not something to wait for but something to work for. It was that belief that she planted in my heart that fueled me to start high school after six years away from school because of poverty.

The huge burden of working odd jobs on the weekends, selling newspapers/magazines, local lottery collector (jueteng collector), plowing the field by tractor at night while in high school during the day, later as janitor in a university and going to school was not as heavy then as it is now when I think about all the challenges that I had to overcome.  It's all because of the faith and the passion mother had instilled in me.

I dreamed big and acted decisively. I dug deep, stretched to the limit, created a path and left a trail. When I look back today, I honestly believe that it was then, when I was struggling, that God was preparing me for a better life and I am very grateful.

Thank you, Mother. God gives her a longer life to see and enjoy the fruits of the seed that she has planted among her children. She turns 98 years old this year (2014).

What we make of our lives does not happen based on what we want, but rather what we desire and have a passion for achieving. It is a matter of choice, our choice. In fact, it is much more than that, it is our birthright! We do have the ability and the potential to begin creating a life of plenty in each and every area that we choose to experience. We only have to choose to do so.

Yes, we deserve success. We are entitled to success. We have the ability to create success. Our choices will lead us toward living the life of passion, joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace, and unlimited prosperity that has already been provided to us and is ours for the asking, in each and every area of our lives.


The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.- Richard M. DeVos