I asked them to close their eyes and bow their heads. They were a great group of young married couples that I had learned to know over the years.  Then I asked the big question.  "Would you raise one finger if you have ever wondered whether you married the right person?"  Half the group raised one finger. That didn't surprise me. I thought the percentage would have been more than that. 

Wondering is, after all, merely a mental exercise. I've been to Tibet many times, but only in my mind. It's effortless and inexpensive. Mental journeys don't take much work. Don't be shocked if someday into your mind pops the ugly question, "Did I marry the right person?"  The answer to the question isn't found by looking back at your wedding day.  That is history.  The answer is found in today. The only question that matters is: "Am I now married to the right person?" And the answer is still yes. Time and effort may be needed for you to see the potential for your relationship to grow in love and respect again. But as you commit yourselves to sorting out the differences that brought on the doubts, your marriage will be as genuine, viable and hopeful as you saw it to be from the beginning.

The day may come for each of you when you ask yourself if this was the right choice. Don't be frightened by the question. Too many feel the very question itself is an admission of defeat. Let it come and let it go. What you should or should not have done doesn't matter.  The real challenge is "What will you do now?"  Almost all marriages are real, viable, and hopeful. Love, and work with what you have.

* DEAR LORD, we have been together for so many years and we are such a privileged couple.  We watch the years go by and we treasure each one. Yes, how we loved every minute of it.  At times we wish we could just slow down the clock and have our lives go on forever.  Lord, as we continue to enjoy life together, make us realize that we are wonderfully married to the right person, for we trust that it was You who brought us together.  And so by Your grace let each phase of our marriage -- from the springtime of our youth to the autumn of our days -- be filled to the brim with dreams that are fulfilled.  Stay ever close to us, Lord, and make each passing year a fruitful one. So that when the big harvest draws near we can look back with happy memories, knowing that we have done everything we could to make each other's life and the lives of our children happier, richer, and more beautiful.

-- By William L. Coleman--
*  Prayer by jgat
      Shared by Joe Gatuslao



No one falls in love by choice, only by chance. No one stays in love by chance, only with work. No one falls out of love by chance only by choice! Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want him/her to, doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you with all he/she has. Make yourself a better person and know who you are, before you try and know someone else and expect him/her to know you.