I am aware of my body
That has been formed, and floated
For nine months in my mother’s womb.
I am aware of my heart
That was beating as one with another’s heart
When it began to pulsate life, in her womb.

 My heart is beating the life
And the love of my father and mother
And from two emerged a new one, in her womb.
I do not see but contain in my being the love
of my parents, grandparents, all ancestors
Back to the beginning of time, in the womb of God.

 My body will pass away
to enter the womb of the earth, the void
so I may enter the womb of God to live eternally.

I am aware of the pains in my body,
The hunger and suffering of the poor
Who are considered by society as nobody.
I know the grieving over death of loved ones
And the grieving of the earth
Due to human disregard of its integrity.

 I will live with awareness in my heart:
That God’s favor renews me each morning, each moment,
That God’s light and fidelity will lead me home safely,
That Christ my way, my truth and my life
On this earth will bring me,
and all of creation, to eternity.

 I asked God, ‘When I die, will I be with my loved ones?’
And God replied, ‘Yes, those on earth and in heaven.’
Second question, ‘When I die, will I be able to love my enemies?’
And God said, ‘Yes, and do so freely, just like me.’
It was so dark when I died. In fear I cried out, ‘Where is my God?’
I saw the light, and my whole being fully sensed eternity!

By Fr. Constantine Legaspino, MSC
St. Jerome Church, El Cerrito California
March, 2006


When you were born, you were crying and everyone around was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying. We cannot go back and create a new beginning but we can begin today to create a new end.